Our attorneys help individuals and families protect themselves with effective estate planning. Our clients may come to us because they think they need a Will or a Trust to pass their assets at death. These clients are often pleased to learn that a complete estate plan can also protect them in the event of disability, offer protection from creditors, minimize lawyer fees, and more.

 Estate Planning

Effective estate planning provides much more than a Will or a Trust to pass assets after death.  While some clients may find that a simple Will or Trust is sufficient, many will find greater peace of mind with a comprehensive estate plan that also plans for disability, provides protection from creditors (particularly those of your heirs), minimizes future lawyers’ fees, and more.

Our goal is to educate our clients on the options available to protect them, and their families, to the greatest extent possible. Estate planning is a complex process, and there are endless options available. We take the time to understand our clients and their objectives. Once we have that information, we educate our clients on the options available to them, and discuss the pros and cons of each option.

Through our association with WealthCounsel, we have the tools and resources necessary to provide all of our clients with the best estate plan for their unique situation.


Our Services

The first step to obtain an estate plan is an initial consultation, at which one of our lawyers will ask questions to understand your unique situation, and discuss the options that may help you reach your objectives. This no-pressure meeting is meant to educate you, to help you find solutions that meet your needs and budget. For some clients, a single consultation with our firm is enough to provide the information they need. Others may then ask us to prepare a simple Will or Trust, and some may want a more complex estate plan. Whatever you choose, you will leave the initial consultation with an understanding of the options that fit your needs and your budget.

Our charge for initial consultations is $250, and we do accept credit cards for convenience. Should you choose to hire us to prepare your estate plan, your consultation fee will be credited toward the cost of your plan. We will then work with you to prepare your estate plan, and help you implement the plan.

We also believe an effective estate plan requires regular attention, and we like to work with our clients to ensure their estate plans provide the necessary protection on an ongoing basis. Too often, attorneys provide estate plans that make sense today, but they do not adjust for important life changes. By maintaining a working relationship with Windtberg & Zdancewicz, we can help ensure that your plan will provide the intended protection when you need it.