Our attorneys are experienced litigating a wide variety of legal issues. We have the experience to take cases through trial, including jury trials, but we also have the business sense to know that litigating a case through trial is not always the best option.


Our attorneys handle all types of litigation, including contract disputes, business disputes, and personal injury matters. We seek to educate our clients on the risks and costs of engaging in litigation. Once the decision to litigate is made, it is imperative to create a well-reasoned strategy before engaging in litigation.  Our lawyers work closely with our clients to set expectations and develop a litigation strategy from the outset, to make sure our efforts are focused on helping our clients obtain their desired result.

Our attorneys also understand that not every case can be treated the same.  Sometimes an all-out effort is needed to obtain the desired result.  Other times, a more economical approach is appropriate.  We work with our clients to find the best approach for their budget and risk-tolerance, and tailor or efforts accordingly.

Our Services

Our knowledgeable attorneys are experienced in a variety of litigation matters, including contracts, business disputes, and personal injury cases.  Our experience includes cases in Superior Court and Federal Courts, with cases ranging from simple Justice Court matters to complex class-action litigation.  Our most common litigation matters include:

Contract Disputes. When one party does not hold up its end of an agreement, litigation is often used to secure performance or repayment.  Many of these disputes involve nonpayment of money due under a contract.

Business Litigation.  When businesses are sued, or have claims for damages against another party, we guide those businesses through the litigation process.

Personal Injury. When individuals are injured, they may need to take action to protect themselves, protect their rights, and recover what they are owed.  We represent individuals injured by the reckless or negligent conduct of others.