Our attorneys help guide personal representatives, heirs, and creditors through the probate process.


Probate is often a requirement if an individual dies with or without a will.  Probate can often be avoided with effective estate planning, with a well funded trust.  When probate is required, a personal representative is appointed to administer the deceased’s estate.

Arizona’s probate process is unique, and is suited to benefit personal representatives and heirs in uncontested matters. The downside of this process is that heirs and creditors must pay close attention to the process to avoid forfeiting their rights.

Our Services

In probate matters, we work with personal representatives to help them administer the estate.  Generally speaking, this includes collecting assets, paying debts, and disbursing money to beneficiaries.  In some probate matters, a personal representative can handle the probate process alone, or with a small amount of guidance.  Other times it will make sense to have an attorney represent them throughout the process.

Beneficiaries and creditors of the estate may also want to consider hiring an attorney.  The probate process in Arizona works best in simple matters, but contains several traps that can be costly for the beneficiary or creditor who does not pay attention or take the required action.  An experienced attorney can help you avoid these pitfalls and recover your share of the estate.